Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stripedy Stripe

Hello Summer!
I don't know about where you are,
 but summer has definitely made it to the Carolina's.
When the sun is hot and the air is humid,
 I am all about a fun skirt.
Make it hot pink and orange stripes
 and how can you resist??
Stripes on stripes are everywhere you look. 
 Magazines, store windows and Pinterest.
  I thought I'd have some fun with it today. 
I realize I am wearing a lot of pink in this outfit,
 but it pulls the different color stripes together.
And really...
can one ever wear too much pink???? 
 Not in my book.

Have you paired stripes with stripes yet?
Would you?

Banana Republic top-similar
Loft skirt-similar
Marshall's sandals-the real thing
Handpicked necklace-similar
PoppyBoutique watch-similar

1 comment:

Tina Bradley said...

I adore stripes, Brett! And, I am dying to pair pink and orange. I read (last week while on a plane) that Jackie O paired these two hues quite often--very chic! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com