Friday, June 20, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday Ya'll!
  • As husband departs plane in San Francisco he receives a phone call from airlines saying they see he missed his flight, could they reschedule?  He actually had to go to the booking desk and argue with the people there that he had not missed his flight as he was standing right there in front of them.
  • You are so hot and sweaty that your glasses begin to fog.
  • Mistakenly sending this text to the wrong person~ "Amanda is preggers?!  I don't believe it is his"  Of course I was conversing about a TV show.
  • Serving your guest food they are allergic to.
  • Burning the bottoms of your feet by walking barefoot on a hot deck.  Who knew the deck got so hot???
  • Seeing a real live Flashmob.
  • My beautiful new faucet in my kitchen.
  • Seeing a group of friends you haven't seen for over a month and catching up!
  • All the dragonflies and fireflies out at night now.
  • Celebrating 29 years of marriage with the Mr. on Sunday.
Going all out nautical today! 
 Notice I have my anchor theme going again. 
 Honestly, just bought this for the cuteness of the look.

Let's hear about any awkward and awesomeness you had this week in the comments.

J.Crew top-here
Gap shorts-here
Rack Room sandals-similar
Target starfish earrings-similar
Versona bracelets-similar


Chelsea Woodring said...

oh my gosh that text!!

also, congrats on that many splendid years with your husband! i hope you have many, many more.

two birds said...

Have a fabulous anniversary! I hope the bottoms of your feet have healed by then!

pastcaring said...

Happy anniversary to you and your husband! Such a cute nautical look. I would LOVE to see (or be part of) a Flashmob! xxx

Teresa said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!!
That is a cute outfit, perfect for sailing on a cooler day.
+20 for seeing a Flashmob!!!

Laura said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your hair...how'd you do that??

Elle said...

Love this nautical love on you Brett!
I love your eye make up, is that new? happy anniversary ! ,
Ps what a story about the husband and the airport.!
XX, Elle