Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shooting Star

For today's Celebrity Style Challenge I choose Selena Gomez.
Now I know she could easily be my daughter, so I changed up her look a bit to fit what her mother might wear!
I loved how her sweater flipped out in the back, 
it reminded me of a cute little skirt...
so that is where I took this look.
I honestly never thought to wear booties in the summer,
 but it was a coolish day and they worked great. 
 I might try this look with some shorts in the future.
I like how my more "mature" look turned out
 and would certainly wear it again. 
 I might actually have to add some color next time.

Check out #celebinspiredaugust on Instagram for other looks.

Old Navy sweater-sold out, but similar here
Old Navy skirt-here
Nine West booties-similar
Tory Birch earrings-similar
Love Andrea's Closet bracelet-here


pastcaring said...

Has Selena Gomez's sweater got holes in it? Do I sound like a grandma?! I really like you take on this look, and yes, I think you would look great if you wore the sweater with shorts. No holes though! xxx

two birds said...

I love the bootie/skirt combo! What a fun look!

Tina Bradley said...

I adore stars! Have since I was a little girl and the love never ended. I really heart yours on the navy blue backdrop! Lovely, Brett! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Brooke said...

I love the stars! What a cute look!