Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Red and Brown

Today I am talking red and brown.
Two colors that don't get a lot of play together,
but actually compliment each other nicely.
I must be on a stripe kick because
 my last 4 posts have me wearing stripes!
I rarely wear this color combo, but I should give it more play.  
It's a little less harsh than the red and black combo 
that we all know and love. 
 I think the colors work well with each other,
 especially if you have a red that has brown or blue
I will tell you that I first had on tights with this look,
 but it just wasn't working. 
 So bare legs it is!
I went with calf boots as not to chop myself up too much. 
 You know Tim Gunn's rule of 1/3's!

Do you wear red and brown together often?


Chelsea Oliver said...

Great color combo for fall too! Love the dress!


two birds said...

Cute! I love your jacket!

Elle said...

I love it.
On my monitor it reads more tomato, slightly orange,
and I love it with the brown! Very casual, and it make you appear young. The bare legs look great!
xx, elle

Stacey said...

I love this! Brown is so rich and beautiful but never feels fun to me. Red is the answer. :)

Debbie Kagle said...

I love your style. Also, love reading your awkward and awesome list.......😀