Monday, December 15, 2014


Happy Monday.
11 more days until Christmas.
Are you ready yet?
I'll admit that I am doing pretty well
 as far as preparing for Christmas. 
 I am not stressed or hurried as of yet either. 
 I think I will count my blessings for that!
 I am wearing a favorite pattern of mine today. 
 It is so versatile
 and lends itself to be dressed up or just go casual.
I paired it pink and marsala 
(as they are calling this color for 2015). 
 I really like these rich colors together. 
 The ruffled scarf dresses up the outfit just a bit
 and the brown boots
 give great contrast to the dark colors.

Are you a fan of the windowpane pattern?

Loft shirt-similar here and here
Gap sweater-similar here and here
Old Navy jeans-here
Matisse boots-similar here and here
H & M scarf-similar here and here


two birds said...

Gorgeous! I love your scarf!

Taramixandmatch said...

Loving the sweater paired with the pink!

Kacie Ellis said...

I'm probably less ready this year than I usually am but I think I'm still doing ok. I only have one more person to buy for and I have most of my gifts wrapped. I still need to make my oreo balls and pack my clothes for a week at my parents :) Love your outfit!


Elle said...

Love the window pane! Also adore the ruffled scarf, a good contrast, both in design and color.
Love the look Brett!
xx, elle