Friday, December 12, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Merry Christmas Ya'll.
I hope your December has been nothing but awesome so far!
  • Mistaking wax paper for parchment paper and not realizing it until your oven starts smoking.
  • Putting on a sweater for the first time this winter and noticing that moths must have had it for their lunch since the last time you wore it.
  • Coming down with a nasty cold that you never saw coming.
  • When someone makes a comment that sounds complimentary, but after thinking about it, you realize it wasn't a compliment at all.
  • Getting Braces!!
  • Getting Braces.
  • Christmas parties!
  • My friends arranging for a cleaning lady to come to my house for a day!!!
  • Holiday cooking.
  • Having an 80's movie marathon with your 20something's and getting to explain all about back in the day....
Well, I don't think you get more festive than this outfit! 
 Sequins, jewels, gold,
 what more could a girly girl ask for? 
 Now that I have a mouth full of metal,
 I have to work on a new smile for the blog.
  Be patient with my funny faces while I try to work this out.

I would love to hear about your awkward or awesome moments this week.

Old Navy t-shirt-here
Misty Maes Market skirt-here
J.Crew necklace-here
Jeffery Tyler boots-similar here and here
Target belt-here
H & M gold bracelets-similar here
H & M black bracelets-similar here
Marshall's bracelet-similar here


Anonymous said...

You're definitely shining bright in this outfit! (And I imagine even more so when you're smiling!) ;)

I guess my most awkward moment this week was calling my husband while blubbering and cursing like a sailor about a project I was struggling with. The worst part? It was for church. ;) And the best part? When he came home and helped me solve everything.:)

Elle said...

You are smiling with this gorgeous and opulent look! Love the graphic tee, with the sequinned gold skirt!
I never noticed anything wrong with your teeth, but if you are happy, I am happy!
Sorry about that smoking oven-- OOPS!
Happy, Merry!
xxx, Elle

Teddi said...

brett, you're still & always will be beautiful! i hated my braces at first too, but am so glad i got them. yes they hurt a lot. i adore the outfit. i bet the 80's movies were fun.

Curtise said...

Gorgeous sparkly skirt! Hope you feel more comfortable with the braces soon, and that the nasty cold has gone. xxx