Wednesday, January 28, 2015

True Confessions

Happy Wednesday!
I am making a true confession today.
It's been roughly 8 weeks since I got braces
 and I have been struggling with my smile.
I am sure you have noticed that my smile has been
 a closed mouth one ever since the braces went on.
My friends, family and even some of you
 have commented on how I didn't look like myself
 and that I needed to just embrace the braces!! 
 I got comments like...
get over it, just go with it, move on and 
so on and so forth in that same vain.
I have decided to indeed... go on,get over it and all of the rest!
Maybe next time I get my braces tightened
 I'll even have them put on some hot pink bands,
 instead of the white ones that are on now.
Here's to being back to myself
 and embracing a new look with enthusiasm and fun.

Is there some part of your anatomy that you are self conscious of?
Do you embrace it or try to hide it?

Gap T-here
Loft cardigan-similar here and here
White House Black Market jeans- here
Swoozie scarf-here
Express boots-similar here and here
Michael Kors watch-here
Gifted bracelet-similar here


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Your smile is awesome and so welcoming!! Glad to have it back..Bravo for your step of courage!!

Curtise said...

I don't particularly like my teeth, so I tend to smile with my mouth shut (for photos - not In Real Life, of course!) Oh goodness, there are many parts of my body that I feel self-conscious about, but I tend to dress to disguise and distract, and I have learned that if you act as though there isn't a problem, then no one else has a problem either. Self-consciousness is such a waste of time; other people are generally too concerned about their own hang-ups to bother much about anyone else's imperfections!
And you look gorgeous, btw! xxx

Elle said...

Love your fabulous tee, scarf and even the stripes on the umbrella! Since it is raining,, it is hard to see your smile, well, but I am glad to see it just the same!
I hope to keep seeing it, and think it was brave of you to do this,
I am self conscious about my bra size, which in proportion to my waist is too large, I know that is not a common complaint, but it is not the look I like and prevents me from wearing my fav designers, without having to go up a size and alter,
so i usually wear an athletic bra, and sometimes no bra at all, if the top is not sheer!

Happy February!
xx, Elle