Friday, March 6, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

I am about to embark on an awesome week.
I am leaving Saturday for a week in Hilton Head!!!
I will be taking the week off from blogging, but you can find me on Instagram all week.
  • Getting hijacked from Netflix while you are waiting for an episode to load.
  • When you meet someone for the second time and they remember your name, but you can't remember theirs.
  • The minute you open the car door in the parking lot, the sky opens up with a torrential rain.
  • Bringing a dish somewhere to share with others that turns out to be not so great.
  • When your dog smells so bad that you have to drop everything right that moment and give him a bath!
  • Getting sweet notes/gifts from friends throughout the week for no reason at all.
  • A new Fresh Market opened just up the street from my neighborhood.
  • Finally getting on the Rocksbox train and getting the first month free.
  • When someone compliments your lipstick shade and it happens to be one of your favorites.
  • Daylight Savings is this weekend!!  I love it when the sun stays out past 6 pm.
Trying to coax some spring weather 
out of mother nature with a nautical look.
I might be wearing lots of layers,
 but a little pattern mixing and a nod to warm weather
 makes it all okay.
Go ahead and get out some spring pieces
 and start transitioning your wardrobe.
  You will be glad for the fresh looks you can create.

I would love to hear about any awkward or awesome moments you had this week.

J.Crew anchor top-similar here and here
J.Crew button up-similar here and here
Old Navy vest-similar here and here
Gap jeans-here
Bare Trap boots-similar here and here
Ily Couture necklace-here
Gifted bangles-similar here

1 comment:

Chelsea Woodring said...

My awkward for the week: I met my neighbor for the first time while out walking my dog and I was in my cartoon pajamas! Eek.