Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Shirt Dress

As a woman who has been around the style block a time or two,         
one of my rules is...
If I wore it the first time around, I probably won't wear it the second time around.
You most likely will not see me in
 wide legged cropped pants (gaucho's they were called back in the day)
  or a jumpsuit.
 As if any jumpsuit could beat the one I had 
that was featured in Seventeen Magazine. 
But, as we all know there is always an exception to the rule.
  That exception this spring is the shirt-dress.
  I like to think of it as a cousin to the wrap dress.
  Always hovering on the fridge,
 but never quite getting the love of a wrap dress. 
 This spring, that all changes. 
 It is being seen in all of the magazines and stores!
I think pretty much anyone can pull off a shirt dress. 
 You can belt it or not depending on your needs.

I chose to accessorize with a brown leather belt and my Hunter's. 
 (It has been raining here for a while now.)
Change the belt and the boots
 and you can have an entirely different look. 
I have missed the shirt dress and am glad it has come back around.

What do you think of the shirt dress?
Do you own one, do you plan to purchase one?

Target dress-here
Hunter boots-here
Ellen Tracy belt-similar here
Gifted necklace-similar here
Versona bracelet-similar here
Fossil watch-here


Julie Bradbury said...

Your Dress is really cool and I like that you are also wearing Tights and Hunter Wellies, I wear Wellies too,i just love them.

Shon said...

Great look, I am running to go accessorize my Shirt Dress too!

Enjoy you day!