Friday, May 15, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

We made it to another Friday!
I hope you have some awesome plans for the weekend.

  • That awkward moment when someone points out the size tag strip on the back of your pants.
  • Husband asking where I got the bruise on my ankle and me telling him it wasn't a bruise, but self-tanner.
  • When you are out walking and a crazy, ferocious dog comes out of nowhere and scares the poo out of you.
  • When you get two different recipes mixed up in your head and you end up using parts of both recipes.  Luckily the results weren't terrible.
  • When you find out good news about someone and you are waiting for them to tell you themselves and they take forever doing it. 
  • A great Mother's Day weekend last weekend.
  • Son2 going on an all out cooking spree all week.  Awesome food and no cooking from me.
  • Road Trip!
  • When you only have one item at the checkout and everyone lets you go ahead of them.
  • Answered Prayer!!!!!
I actually wore this last Sunday for Mother's Day. 
 I love the color combo 
the mix of pattern and texture.

Let's hear your awkward or awesome for the week.

The Limited top-similar here and here
Loft skirt-here
Jack Roger sandals-here
Francesca's necklace-similar here
Francesca's bracelet-similar here

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josep-maria badia said...

Beautiful look. I love the shirt, for its color and for its printing. The skirt is beautiful, has a very modern and beautifully designed. Turquoise details on the necklace and the sandals are a touch of beautiful color.