Friday, May 22, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Early Holiday Weekend!
I hope everyone has some fabulous plans to kick off their summer.

  • Sitting on the 18th hole of a golf tournament enjoying yourself when a golf ball goes whooshing right over your head into the crowd.
  • Forgetting to turn off your curling iron and placing it in the plastic holder your store it in.
  • Planning to wear a white shirt and discovering the only clean bras you have at the moment are blue, black, hot pink and orange.
  • Walking in a neighborhood you haven't ever walked in and getting completely lost, like you might not ever find your way out, lost!
  • Having a young woman with perky boobs perform your mammogram.  

  • When your friend comes over to your house while you are out and leaves a little gnome on your flower pot! (see above picture)
  • The sounds of a gentle thunderstorm.
  • Finally getting your veggie patch planted.
  • My new go to breakfast...Overnight chia oatmeal.
  • A fun 3 day holiday weekend.
I pulled out these fabulous, pajama like pants again. 
 I dressed them up a little bit
 from the last time I wore them. 
 Not only are they the most comfortable pants ever, 
they are quite versatile.

I would love to hear about your awkward or awesome moments in the comments.

J.Crew top-similar here and here
Old Navy pants-here
Jack Rogers wedges-here
Ily Couture necklace- here
Gifted bracelets-similar here
Coach sunnies-similar here

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