Friday, May 29, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

I don't know about ya'll,
but it was so hard to get back to real life this week after the long weekend.
  • Opening the front door and finding a pretty big turtle that is foaming at the mouth.  Do turtles get rabies??? 
  • Trying to put eyeliner on someone else.
  • When 2 out of 3 entrees ordered at a restaurant come out wrong.  The good news is that we got free dessert.
  • When everyone in the car is searching their pockets for change for the parking meter.
  • When you notice the big red sticker on your dog's boarding record that says Caution.  When asked about it, they tell you that your dog can be "tempermental".
  •  A 3 day weekend in Charleston, SC.
  • A perfect beach day.  Sunny, 75 degrees and breezey.
  • Planting rosemary bushes in the backyard to keep the deer away...everytime you step outside, it smells heavenly.
  • When you get a really good tour guide.
  • Going to one of my BFF's son's wedding tonight!  Good friends, dancing and CAKE!
 Dressing up white jeans and a T with pearls.
Take the ordinary and give it a little glam!!

Let's hear about any awkward or awesome moments you had this week.

Gap t-shirt-similar here and here
J.Crew jeans-here
Target wedges-similar here and here
Banana Republic belt-similar here
Fossil watch-here


Chelsea Woodring said...

Love this outfit. It looks so comfy and so chic.

An awkward moment for me: calling a friend to ask her how she's dealing with a bad family situation which she hadn't even heard about yet...WHOOPS.

jodie filogomo said...

Funny!!! I love the necklace to give the t-shirt some glam! jodie