Friday, June 19, 2015

Awesome Friday

Today is only about Awesome.
Husband and I are on our way to New York
to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!!
Here are a few pics from way back when, when it all started.
This is a picture from our actual first date.
Yes, we are in our pajamas. 
 It was a fraternity Pajama Party.
Look at those baby faces.
We were 19 years old.
3 years later we became engaged right before Christmas.
  This picture is from that night.
Don't mind that big 80's hair!
6 months later,
 we walked down the aisle.
We were married in Louisiana where we both grew up,
 but not in the same town.
And here we are
 2 boys
 one dog
5 cities
 30 years later.


scrapfool33 said...

Hope u both have a great weekend!! Happy anniversary on 30 years!!!

alia52nalie said...