Saturday, June 6, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Saturday

I know I am a day late this week.
Ever have one of those days that just slips away before you get everything done that needs to be done?

  • Leaving a glass of water on the bed side table, hearing a funny sound and catching your dog drinking out of the glass.  I wonder how many times that has happened and I didn't know?? YIKES
  • Did you know that uncooked couscous bounces??  A bag fell off the kitchen counter and I had couscous bouncing into 3 different rooms.
  • Trying to clean up email on my phone, hitting something and all recent email disappeared but all of a sudden over 2,000 old emails popped up.
  • Looking forward to watching a movie you have wanted to see for awhile and it turns out to be so bad you can't even finish it.
  • Not remembering someone you knew for a brief time in your past, but they remembered you.
  • Wedding cake!  My favorite kind of cake.
  • Getting the news that the braces come off in 2 weeks!!
  • Coffee date with an old friend.
  • Spending weekend with son1.
  • Husband surprising you with a trip to NYC for your upcoming 30th wedding anniversary!
Not gonna lie,
 I totally stole this look from someone on Instagram.  
I love the feminine lace with the more masculine windowpane.
I changed my shoes to flat sandals later in the day
 for a more casual look.

Have you had an awesome week or an awkward week?

CAbi top-similar here and here
Loft skirt-here
Target shoes-here
Francesca's bracelet-similar here
Rocksbox necklace-similar here


Chelsea Woodring said...

LOVEEE this look! Wow, wow, wow! And yay, nice anniversary gift! My parents just celebrated their 32nd anniversary. Such a sweet moment in time!

jodie filogomo said...

Love this look!! Congrats on the anniversary...I love NYC (great shopping). jodie
ps..I've given up being embarrassed when I don't remember people's names...it's just part of life!!