Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Don't Let The Heat Affect Your Fashion Sense!

Are you having a harder time getting dressed in the summer?
For some reason the heat just makes you less likely to put in the effort sometimes.
Don't let the heat get to you! 
 Make an effort to try and put on something more 
than shorts at least once a week. 
 I promise you will feel better.
Really, sometimes a skirt can be cooler than shorts anyway. 
 I mean cooler in both senses of the word by the way!
So don't let the mid summer heat wave throw you
 into days of raggedy shorts, swimsuit cover-ups and old t-shirts.
  Be intentional and put on something to boost your fashion sense. 
 It will make you feel prettier, more confident and
 more energetic....REALLY!

Are you stuck in a summer fashion rut?

Old Navy blouse-similar here and here
Loft skirt-here
J.Crew sandals-here
Francesca's necklace-similar here
Julie's bracelet-similar here

1 comment:

jodie filogomo said...

You are so right!!! Besides the better you look, the better you feel!! Love this outfit! jodie