Friday, July 17, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello Friday!
Let's all have an awesome weekend.
  • Pen exploding in your hand in the car and trying to use hand sanitizer to neutralize the mess.  Let me say...Just DON'T try this!!
  • Forgetting your sunglasses at the pool.
  • Making a plan to go to Pinkberry and when you get there, it's no longer there.
  • About to take a sip of your drink and you spot a very large spider floating on top.
  • Thinking "Mall walking" is a good idea due the heat, then realizing they don't turn on the air until 8:00 am and you got there at 7:30.
  • Celebrating husband's birthday yesterday and continuing to celebrate today.
  • Planning a trip up to New England.
  • Homegrown tomatoes, even if they aren't yours.
  • Margaritas and table side guacamole.
  • A new pair of headphones.  Not really realizing how bad the old ones were until you get the new ones. 
 A simple look for running errands. 
 Don't forget that it is fine to pair
 a dress with a pair of sneakers. 
 It's a great look, just be cautious not to pair 
a heavy sneaker with a light dress.
 I would also suggest not pairing athletic sneakers with a dress. 
Remember to keep in mind the proportions
 of your dress and the sneaker.

Do you love to wear sneakers with dresses and skirts?

Old Navy dress-similar here and here
Converse sneakers-here
Walmart scarf-similar here and here
Target sunnies-similar here
Fossil watch-here
Zara bracelet-similar here

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