Monday, August 24, 2015

Shades of Purple

Today was the first day of public school here.
Traffic is back in full force, pictures were taken at bus stops and mom's were chatting with each other over coffee.
I was in bed with Joe the dog and a nice hot cup of coffee.
Purple is not a color I wear often. 
 I don't have anything against it,
 I just don't own much.
I do like mixing different shades of purple. 
 I think it creates a nice soft, graceful look.
I added silver bracelets and shoes and let the ruffles
 on my shirt stand in for a necklace.
A very simple outfit, but it exudes femininity.

Are you a fan of shades of purple?

Random silver bracelets


Chelsea Woodring said...

I like the collar a lot!

josep-maria badia said...

A beautiful, delicate and elegant look. The skirt is very nice, and the top is cute.

jodie filogomo said...

Love this!! I almost thought it was a dress! jodie

BeachGypsy said...

I'm a new reader and im enjoying your blog and all the cute outfits!!