Friday, September 4, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello Holiday weekend!
I hope you have something fun planned.

Speaking of fun,
I will be doing a New Orleans awkward and awesome today.
  • The trolley ride to hell with no return ticket!
  • The frat boy who tried to get my mother-in-law to dance at Pat O'Briens. (awkward for her, not for us)
  • The chick we saw that was about 8 months pregnant with a drink in her hand and a tank top that said, "Last fling before the ring".
  • The dude I had to sit by on the plane ride home who had obviously partied all weekend and not bothered to shower before boarding the plane.


  • I had two celebrity sighting while in New Orleans.  John Besh and Lester Holt
  • Mother-in-law's birthday dinner at Commander's Palace.
  • Night time people watching from a balcony on Bourbon Street.
  • Going to the Cat's Meow karaoke bar with my 20something nieces.  
  • Food! Glorious Food!

Keeping it casual and simple to kick off the holiday weekend. 
 What's more comfy that a pair 
of linen drawstring pants and a t-shirt?? 
 Pop on a statement necklace,
 so you don't look as though you have on your jammies!!

Have a great, fun and safe weekend.

Gap t-shirt
Banana Republic pants
Rack Room sandals
Francesca's necklace
Michael Kors watch
Target sunglasses


mumandme-trapitos said...

Love your look!! I saw your pictures in Jose Maria´s blog, so I decided to visit it!! Thats great!!


BeachGypsy said...

Love those pants! Cute outfit!