Friday, October 23, 2015

Akward and Awesome Friday

Oh fall how I love you!
Turning leaves, spiced everything, scarves and boots!
Fall is "totally awesome" in my book.
  • When you run over a raccoon that is already dead in the middle of the road.  Horrible sound!
  • Walking across a deck to a group of friends and suddenly your boot falls right through the decking.
  • Looking forward to a certain menu item all day long and when the take out has been brought home, it's not in there.
  • Watching your friend's puppy continually steal eyeglasses out of a purse.
  • Removing a bottle of wine out of a box of wine on the shelf and suddenly the entire box begins to fall.  Thank goodness for quick reflexes.
  • This week marked my 5th year of blogging.  Happy Blogiversary to me!
  • Helping your friend find the perfect pair of shoes.  I do mean perfect!
  • The first outdoor fire of the year.
  • My new iPhone 6s in rose gold.
  • Getting to spend a week with an old friend that lives in another state now.
 How do you take distressed jeans and a t-shirt
 to the next level in the fall? 
 Add a blazer! 
 I wore my chuck's to keep the look loose and casual,
 but the blazer gives it a polished feel.

Did you have an awesome or awkward week this week?

Old Navy t-shirt
Target blazer
Gap jeans
Converse shoes
Illy Couture bracelet
Love Andrea's closet bracelet
Francesca's bracelet

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