Monday, October 26, 2015

Secret Or Not So Secret Tips For Dressing

The other day a friend of mine requested I do a blog post
 about little tips and tricks I use when I get dressed.
Now, I'm no expert and some of these you may read and say....DUH!
But here are some of my favorite tips.....
-Pattern Mixing-
You all know I love it
 and here are some tips to make you love it too.
  • choose a base color to help keep things consistent
  • animal prints are considered neutrals
  • texture ads depth
  • contrast is key- pair a chunky large pattern with a tiny, delicate pattern
  • Learn to tuck your non-skinny jeans into boots.  Here is a tutorial
  • Wear lacy footies with your sneakers, flats etc.  Wearing the footies helps your feet not sweat and feel more comfortable. The lace edges look soft and feminine if they happen to show.    
  • Don't be afraid to knot your belt.  Here is a great tutorial.
  • Learn more than one way to tie a scarf.  There are a million tutorials on Pinterst to teach you how.
  • Use a hair straightener to iron the collar of your shirt
  • Deodorant stain? Rub a pair of jeans over it.
  • Do not buy an "outfit".  Buy individual pieces of clothing that you love.  This includes those jewelry sets.
  • Wear a tank between your shirt and sweater for a smooth look.  
  • And Finally.... Wear clothes that fit.  Don't worry about the size.  Women's clothing depending on the brand does not fit the same.  I have everything in my closet from an XS to L.

I hope these tidbits helped, now go out and conquer the fashion world.

Loft skirt and blouse
Me Too booties
Old Navy Necklace
Leah & Co earrings
Betsey Johnson sunnies

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