Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Inspiration: Target

You know that Target ad right?
The super cute one with all of the plaid?

Well, that is where I got the inspiration for my look today.
Now, I know you are thinking...
didn't her last post just say to mix
bold patterns with smaller patterns?
Well, normally yes,
 but this is a look unto itself.
You are also probably thinking...
didn't she just say not to buy an outfit. 
 Yes, I did and this is not an outfit.
  I actually bought these pieces in 2 different months
 although they both came from Target.  
So, while this is not something I would wear on a regular basis,
 it's a look I have been wanting to try for a while. 
 I like it and I guess if you don't look at me too long
 and get dizzy ~ you might actually like it too.

Go out of your comfort zone, try something you think is crazy.
It might just turn out crazy-good!

Target shirt and pants
Alice + Olivia shoes
Ily Couture necklace

1 comment:

beyondbeige said...

You are very brave and cute in this.