Friday, October 30, 2015

Akward and Awesome Friday

I have to admit that I am very glad that it is Friday.
I had a super busy week, but a really good week.
I hope you did as well.
  • Barely knocking a glass over onto a table in front of a BUNCH of people and the glass shatters, drawing much unwanted attention your way.
  • When the dog gets sick during the night and you are up with it until 5 am.  Around 8:30 am the dog makes a miraculous recovery and wants to wake you up and let you know.
  • Having no internet at your house for 24 hours.  You really don't realize how much you depend on it until you don't have it.
  • I am huge Dancing With The Stars fan, but for whatever reason it didn't record this week.  I went on Youtube to watch a few dances.  I apparently clicked on a dude with a DWTS fetish.  He recorded it in front of his TV, and you could hear him heavy breathing and making weird noises and saying inappropriate things during the filming.  I clicked off immediately!
  • When one of your favorite color nail polishes has clearly outlasted it's expiration date.  You know when it gets all thick and gooey.  So sad.
  • Finally learning how to delete the most annoying song on your iPhone that was trapped in the icloud and popped up every-time you tried to listen to the the iPhone in the car.
  • Out with a friend and you notice that it is 4:00 ~ the next time you notice the time, the sky is  dark and it is 9:00.   
  • A friend that is so great she can produce an outfit for you in about 30 seconds when you don't have time to go home and change.
  • A total veg day when everyone is out of town, at school or at work and you get to stay in your pj's all day long and watch and eat whatever you want.
  • Being a part of the team that put together the groundbreaking for Charlotte's first not for profit residential mental health center.  This is something that Charlotte has desperately needed and I am so honored to be involved.  HopeWay is the name of the facility and I am happy to say that Hope is on the Way!  Click here to find out more.
 Real life means you don't always get to
 wear cute outfits.
 Here is a "work" look that I wore while getting ready 
for our Hopeway groundbreaking. 
 It was rainy, muddy and I was moving things around etc. 
 Just straight up work clothes,
 but they are real clothes.
Not yoga pants, sweatpants or any hybrid version of the two.  
Remember that even if you are doing menial tasks 
and working with a group of people,
 present the best possible version of yourself for that task.

Did you have any awesome or awkward moments this week?

Gap shirt (mens)
J.Crew pants
Hunter boots
Modern and Chic Boutique necklace
Fossil watch

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