Friday, October 9, 2015

Awkward and Awesome: Appalachian Trail Style

As many of you know, last week I was off hiking
 the Appalachian Trail up in Virgina.
It was quite an adventure,
 but before you think I am a total rock star~ 
I have to admit that I was slack packing, not backpacking!!
That means we stayed in a house, had hot meals,
 hot showers and beds at night.
Every day we were driven to a new section of the trail to hike.
Now why would I want to hike the AT? 
 I mean I am way more girly girl than tomboy!! 
 My good friend wanted to hike 50 miles 
on the AT for her 50th birthday. 
 Due to inclement weather the hike was only about 47 miles,
 but as one of the outfitters always said...round up! 
 So,50 it is!!
  • The horrible look on our faces as our guide was explaining about using a "pee" rag when relieving yourself in the woods.  Needless to say, none of us adopted that method.
  • Meeting a thru hiker (a hiker hiking the entire 2, 180 miles of the trail) the first day and after talking to him for just a few seconds realizing he might not have had a shower since he left New Hampshire!
  • Being hit by this incredibly awful smell that you have never encounter in your life and your guide says, " stick close together, there is a bear nearby."
  • Your guide telling you on day 1 that by the end of the trip she will have converted us all to backpackers.  On day 3 she realized this was never going to happen. ( I think our group was her first failure in that regard}
  • Through a serious of miscommunication and non communication, it was thought that our group was lost somewhere on the trail.  A search party was sent out, a sheriff came to our house and the next day in town everyone knew who we were.  Meanwhile, our group was back at the house having hot showers and dinner. (PS...we love you Eric)

  • Celebrating our friend's birthday. (did I mention that she doesn't turn 50 until March, meanwhile all but one of us are over 50!)
  • Not only laughing pretty much the entire time, but giggling like 2nd grade girls as well.
  • The views! There were Sound of Music meadows, Lord of the Rings rocks and mist, waterfalls and bridges, vistas & ponies and of course the cow field with the farmer out in the field with his rifle headed right for us.
  • Hiking poles and Frogg Toggs rain suits.  Mother Nature did not get the memo for beautiful skies while we were hiking, but thanks to our wonderful gear we were well protected and safe.
  • Jan, our hiking guide!!  She had the patience of Job and not only was she our guide all day, she cooked all of our meals.  She is with Adventures In Good Company.  They are a company that caters only to women all over the world.  Please check out their website here.  I highly recommend them.
So we may not have been converted to backpackers,
 but all of us would do slack packing again. 
 It was truly a memorable experience.
 I thank my friend Jill for encouraging us all to
 help her celebrate her life by going on this hike. 
 I also want to thank my friend Denise
 for putting it all together for us.

Go forth and hike, 
even if it is just in a park near your house,
 on the Appalachian Trail 
some extreme mountain faraway!

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Sherry Roese said...

Great recap of our trip Brett!!
Truly a lifetime memory for me!
Happy 50th Jill...the 50s are fabulous!!