Friday, November 13, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Headed into the weekend and we are supposed to have some record breaking cold temperatures coming our way.
Bring it on...
I am ready to pull out a fabulous coat and gloves.
  • Making sure the door to your car is locked, but when you return to it in the parking lot, you realize you left the window down.
  • Just sitting on the sidewalk with friends eating pie when an elderly gentleman walks up and begins to sing to you.  2 whole songs, in their entirety.
  • Our mall announcing that there will be no Christmas tree this year, but a glacier display that looks like some kind of alien pod.
  • Trying to sneak a video of someone, but realizing the whole time that the camera was facing back at you.
  • Getting behind the guy in the express checkout that decides to pay his $5.14 in all change.  And I am not talking about paying in quarters.
  • Due to the outcry on social media our mall decided to bring the Christmas trees back and ditch the glacier plan within 24 hours of announcing the original change.
  • Party planning with one of your BFF's.
  • Getting a much anticipated new front door!!
  • It finally stopped raining here! At least for the next few days.
  • Celebrating son1's 24th birthday.
 It seems like it has been raining forever around here. 
 Hard to get motivated to get up 
and get dressed when it is that gloomy outside all the time. 
 Pop on some bright colors to heighten your mood.
 I can't tell you how many people commented on
 my "cheerful" look the day I wore this outfit.
  See, fashion can not only change your mood, but others as well.

Hope you have an awesome, not awkward weekend!!

Express t-shirt
Gap blazer and jeans
Hunter boots
oNeckalce necklace

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Chelsea Woodring said...

I saw the glacier on the news and it was so weird.