Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Blanket Wrap

This fall the blanket wrap, poncho or cape has made quite a stir.
Since I am not Olivia Pope, I don't think I can pull off a cape.
Since I lived through the poncho way back when, 
I will not be repeating that.
But, the blanket wrap....
I can get on board with that.
I love the ease, the warmth and the look.
A wrap is much easier to pull off than
 a poncho or a cape in my opinion.
It just looks so effortless, yet chic.
This is something a woman of any age can wear.
To me this trend is the perfect answer to what to wear
 when you live in a climate that really doesn't get that cold.
  If you don't have an actual blanket wrap,
 use a blanket scarf to do the trick. 
 This is a look that I think you will love and wear a lot.

Do you have a blanket wrap, poncho or cape?
Have you been wearing it yet?

Express shirt
J.Crew cords
Target booties
Old Navy wrap
Handpicked necklace
Nordstrom Rack belt


Kacie Ellis said...

That reminds me, I still haven't watched latest episode of Scandal! I need to do that asap! And I love your blanket wrap!


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Really cute outfit, Brett! Love the wrap!