Friday, November 20, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Next week....
It's Thanksgiving!
Haven't even given it a thought yet.
How about you?
  • This really isn't awkward, just not fun!  Spreading pine needles in the flower beds.   Not only was I sore the next day, but now my allergies have kicked in.  
  • Helping the husband pick out new glasses.  Not sure why he always asks for my help.  He's gonna get what he's gonna get!
  • Painting with matte black oil based paint and getting it in your hair.
  • As your dinner party is just about to sit down to eat al fresco, the rain begins and doesn't let up for the rest of the evening.
  • Being told that 10 extra people will be attending the annual sit down Christmas luncheon you host for the husband's co-workers...Right this way, your table is set up in the bedroom.  LOL
  • Holding my 4th annual pajama party for my girlfriends.  Awesome night despite the rain.
  • Getting some big home improvement projects finished.  
  • Son2 coming home earlier than expected from school for Thanksgiving.
  • Receiving a surprise Starbucks mug in the mail from an Instagram friend.
  • Hosting a bridal shower for one of my BFF's daughters on Saturday.
Casual look for running around picking up party items 
and getting the house decorated.
I mean who doesn't love a soft, flannel shirt? 
 I am loving this blue and mustard color combo.  
A statement necklace and fringe booties elevate the flannel shirt from borrowed from the husband:
 hey, this is an actual outfit.

I hope you have an awesome weekend
 I beg of you to not start playing the Christmas music until next Friday!!! 
  (just a little pet peeve of mine)  :)

Old Navy shirt and jeans
Target booties
Gifted necklace
Zara bracelets
Michael Kors belt

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Chelsea Woodring said...

You look so adorable! Love this. Love your glasses.