Monday, December 7, 2015

Blue Christmas

Welcome to the 2nd week in December.
This weekend the husband and I were all geared up
 to go to something we had read about that sounded fun.
  It was a German Christmas Market at one of our favorite breweries. 
 They made it sound so wonderful in the write up.
Well, we arrived with high hopes,
 but alas... not even close to what we were expecting. 
 Does that ever happen to you?
  Expectations can be a tricky thing. 
Well, never fear the day ended on a high note
 when we meet up with some friends later that evening.
Going for a simple, casual look here.
  Love the 2-tone blue sweater and decided to add
 just a pop of fun with the polka dot shirt underneath. 
 Throw in some fringed booties, fun earrings and out of the door you go.
  But, don't forget a fun scarf in case it gets cold.

Do you like to use scarves as wraps when you go out?

Loft blouse
J.Crew sweater
Gap jeans and scarf
Target booties
Francesca earrings

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