Friday, December 4, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

So Christmas season is in full swing now!
Have you begun decorating yet?
Are you finished?
  • When the lights on your Christmas tree only light up in certain sections.
  • Cops knocking at your door at 1:00 am because they said they received a 911 call at your address.
  • Buying a new foundation and when you go to apply it, you realize it is about 4 shades too light.  I didn't even know a skin tone could be 4 shades lighter than mine!
  • Getting so excited to go shopping for party clothes and nothing in the stores is even speaking to you.  I swear it was like they just skipped over Christmas and all they had were spring clothes.
  • Getting out of the car as Adele's Hello is coming on the radio.  Getting back into your car 45 min. later and Adele's Hello is coming on the radio.  I swear I didn't change the station.  Watch out Adele...overexposure is never a good thing.
  • When you are out in public and your Downton Abbey ring tone goes off and people start smiling and telling you how much they love that show too.
  • Trying to organize Christmas wrapping from last year and discovering a gift card from last Christmas that was accidentally packed away.
  • Decorating my new front door for Christmas.
  • Finally finding an entire party ensemble at one store.  Things were even on sale with 25% more taken off at register.  Thank you Anthropolgie!!
  •  Baking the first batch of Christmas cookies of the season.
 The rain finally stopped and the temperatures dropped. 
 Time for some fur! 
 Trying to be a little edgy in this outfit, well edgy for a **something year old anyway. 
 I finally found the key to wearing a fur vest of any sort. 
 Wear your hair up.  
That way your hair isn't competing with the fur and
you can tell where you end and the vest begins.

Let's hear any awkward or awesome moments you had this week.

Target button up
Gifted vest
Gap jeans
Express boots