Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sunglasses In The Rain

I  know some of you out there have been hit with some snow.
Around here it's all rain...all day long.
As you can see from the photo's is just hasn't let up.
So, why am I wearing sunglasses when it is clearly raining outside?
  I thought they just looked great with this outfit and had planned to wear them. 
 When I stepped outside, the rain had stopped,
 but of course as soon as I turned on the camera it began to fall again.
  I decided I would just keep them on for the "cool" effect.
I went with deep colors to off set the black dress, 
added some leopard tights for some fun.
And somehow the sunnies just made the look!

Have you ever had an outfit that just looked better when you were wearing sunglasses?

Loft shirt and dress (dress is old)
Handpicked necklace
Ruche bracelet
TJMaxx belt
Jeffery Tyler boots
Sunnies Betsey Johnson