Monday, November 30, 2015

Skirt + Puffer Vest = Flirty Fun

Well, I guess it's good-bye to November!
Does anyone else's house look like a massive chaotic mess today?
I have pumpkins mixed with a Christmas tree mixed with fall leaves
 and glittery tinsel all over my house right now. 
 Gotta get organized and down to only one holiday look.
Sorry for the less than stellar photography here. 
 It was twilight and my camera could not decided whether
 a flash was needed or not. 
 I really do hate that it gets so dark so early now.
I wore this out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night. 
 I love the casual, flirty vibe going on here.
 I didn't want full on black and white,
 so I threw in the lavender turtleneck to soften the look.
  I also went with booties instead of boots
 because it lent a more fun and playful edge to the overall outfit.

Do you wear your puffer vest with more than just jeans or pants?

Gap turtleneck
J.Crew vest
Old Navy skirt
Nine West booties
gifted necklace
Target, Francesca and Marshall's bracelets
T.J.Maxx belt

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