Friday, November 27, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Black Friday...if you are into that!
Personally, not my cup of tea, but the husband loves it.
  • When the Thanksgiving shopping at Costco is so bad that they hire a cop to direct traffic in the parking lot.
  • A robbery at gunpoint at the Gap in the shopping center across from my neighborhood.  
  • The family is all sitting together watching a TV show when suddenly the dog farts a silent, but deadly fart!
  • Have you tried that hack to use a razor to get the pills off of a sweater?  Well, my attempt was a total failure and the sweater ended up looking worse than it did before I tried to make it look better.
  • The husband telling me that turkeys are 37 cents a pound at a grocery store, but fails to tell me that you must buy $35 worth of groceries.  Then, the lady checking me out insisted I go buy $35 worth of groceries.  I had just finished my major shopping.  Talk about pressure.  I felt like I was on a game show or something.
  • Finding $8 in your coat pocket from last year.
  • Getting tickets to see the original Miracle On 34th Street at the IMAX theater. 
  • The perfect Thanksgiving Day.
  • Online Black Friday shopping.
  • Left over pumpkin pie for breakfast.
I thought it was appropriate to wear black for Black Friday. 
 I love a great Fair Isle sweater and the combo of black and white 
just looks so classic. 
  Kept it simple and clean.  

If you are a Black Friday shopper,
 I hope you find the deals you were looking for!
If you are like me and stayed home to start thinking about Christmas decorating...
 I hope your tree doesn't lean, no ornaments break
 and you find a new favorite Christmas carol.

Gap shirt and jeans
Old Navy sweater
Express boots

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Chanda T said...

Oh Gosh! A robbery? That's insane! I hope the rest of your holiday was great and I decided not to partake in this years Insanity Friday shopping! Stayed home while hubby worked and the kiddos and I decorated the house for Christmas! :)

xo, Chanda | www.mschanda.com