Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving
 and I am so happy that both my boys will be here
 celebrating and eating and if the bribe is good enough...
Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade with me.
We all pick our favorite side dish for Thanksgiving
 and everyone makes the one they pick. 
 Funny how those dishes really never change from year to year.
We are doing 2 Turkeys this year.
.  One fried and one smoked. 
 Now before you say...2 Turkeys for 4 people??? 
 Our Turkeys are not those big honking ones that families of 10 buy. 
 Besides, we do like leftovers so
 MAMA isn't in the kitchen for the rest of the weekend.
This s a great, comfortable look for being in the kitchen,
 running back up to the grocery store (you know something will be forgotten to be bought)
  and just hanging out in front of the outdoor fireplace.

I hope you and your family have a terrific turkey day
 lots of great family time together.

Gap sweater and scarf
TJMaxx cords
Guess boots
Fossil watch
Francesca's bracelet

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LivForStyle said...

Love the burgundy pants. Great for the holidays. Have a great thanksgiving!