Friday, January 15, 2016

Akward and Awesome Friday

It seems like it has been quite a while
 since I last did an Awkward and Awesome.
So let's get started!

  • When you realize you are out of kale and spinach when you are halfway through making a green smoothie.  You decide to use arugula, because that's all that is in the fridge.  DO NOT try this at home!!!
  • Rearranging couches and finding 6 dog bones all in different states of being chewed.  From a whole bone, to knots only and everything in between.
  • Deciding that you are going to seriously grow out your bangs.  Only a month and 1/2 later you can't take it anymore and cut them again.
  • Being told that your small cross body bag is too big to take into the Panther's game.  The lady told me I could empty the contents into a plastic bag and just throw my bag away.  I guess she didn't know what a Kate Spade bag was!!  ( i took it back to the car)
  • Thinking it would be an great and easy idea to de-string my pre-lit Christmas tree lights.  My tree might be up until July 4th.
  • Being home alone for 3 nights straight and catching up on all the chick flicks you have missed.
  • Planning a trip abroad with the Mr.
  • Free birthday gifts from Sephora and Ulta
  • My birthday is Monday and the birthday celebrations begins this weekend.  I am always one to drag out the birthday month as long as possible.
  • The return of Downtown Abbey!!!  I can't believe this is the last season EVER!
Easy, casual look again this week.   
Pairing a graphic t-shirt with a grandpa cardigan.
Not my usual color pallet,
 but sometimes you just have to experiment.

Did you have an awesome or awkward week?

Loft cardigan and jeans
J. Crew shirt
Guess boots
Tory Burch earrings
Onecklace necklace

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