Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Unexpected

Let me warn you now...
Some of you might look at my outfit today and think...
Has she lost her mind?
I assure you, I have not!
I pinned this color combo some time ago 
and I have been wanting to come up with an outfit for it.
When I got this coat, I knew my outfit was a possibility.
Now depending on your monitor,
 this coat may seem yellow,
 but it is lime green - baby!!
Think about this color in nature, 
it goes with every flower out there.
 So of course it will go with red and pink.
  I know some of you are having a hard time with 
that color combo as well. 
 I say - take a fashion risk, think outside the box.
  You might come up with a combo that you love.
  I sure did.

Old Navy Sweater
Banana Republic skirt and coat
Dolce Vita booties
ASOS necklace
Handpicked earrings


Stacey said...

I love it! Reminds me of an outfit from the Boden catalog. Very british. :)

terrymhp said...

Not for me, but I love it on you. Unusual color combinations are delightful.