Friday, February 12, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day
 this weekend with your favorite person?
Here's hoping you get beautiful flowers, delicious chocolates
 and a fabulous meal!
  • Rubbing your eyes after you have just been handling extremely hot and spicy ingredients.
  • When your scarf gets tangled up in the door of your dog's crate.
  • Walking into the garage to get something and seeing that your tire is going flat.
  • Ordering Thai food to go and the woman on the other end of the phone can't understand you any more than you can understand her and you have no idea what you just ordered.
  • Son2's train being stopped halfway home and police boarding.  Over the speaker they announce, "trespassers have been found on board and the police will be taking care of them"
  • When one of your favorite shows on Netflix just added new episodes.
  • A new digital crockpot
  • When your friend makes heart shaped scones.
  • Going to a movie matinee during the middle of the week.
  • That moment when you remember something that you couldn't remember for the life of you 4 conversations ago and you abruptly shout it out in the middle of whatever is going on.
My look today was inspired by 
the cool women I saw riding The Tube when I was in London. 
 It didn't matter how cold and rainy it was,
 these women always looked chic and smart. 
 I felt like such an American around them.

Gap t-shirt
Marshall's jacket
London street vendor scarf
Loft jeans
Express boots


jodie filogomo said...

You look fabulous cool in this outfit too...I'm sure you'd give them a run for their money!! jodie

terrymhp said...

I enjoy your blog but not the derogatory implication that Americans aren't chic and smart. Plenty of us are.

silvergirl said...

terrymhp -
I didn't mean to be derogatory towards Americans.
Europeans do have a different sense of style than Americans.
Not that one is better than the other, just different.