Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pink and Black Is Where It's At

Happy Ash Wednesday!
Hope everyone had a great Mardi Gras season.
Many times when one thinks of pink and black together 
it's not a good image. 
 Hannah Montana or your 5 year old niece.
I am here to tell you that pink and black can be worn in a sophisticated way and look very chic.
It's all about the pieces you put together 
and how you put them together.
A classic white t-shirt with a pink blazer creates a mature look.  Adding a pencil skirt and riding boots keeps
 the look classic and polished. 
 Don't be afraid to wear these colors together
 no matter how old you might be.
(and don't forget to put a bit of lip color on like it did!)

Are you a fan of wearing pink and black together?

Gap t-shirt and blazer
Old Navy skirt
Michael Kors boots
Handpicked earrings
Baublebar necklace

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