Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Ya'll know I love color!
Sometimes I do like to experiment with no color.
I just decided on a whim to try a monochromatic oatmeal look.
I don't love it, 
but I don't hate it either.
Mostly, I think it just isn't me.  
I know that the next time I wear this dress
 I will definitely add pops of color.
It's good to experiment with looks and styles 
you don't normally wear. 
 You never know when you might hit it out of the park. 
 I'll keep throwing something new and not my usual style
 into the mix every now and then. 
 One of these times I may hit on something fabulous!

Do you ever veer from the colors or clothes you are most comfortable with?

Loft dress
Dolce Vita booties
gifted necklace

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