Friday, March 25, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Good Friday!
I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter weekend planned.
  • Trying to pick out a new light fixture with the MR. and you have completely different ideas about what it should look like.
  • Meeting a friend for lunch and you go to one entrance and she goes to the other and you both wait around wondering where your friend is.
  • Trying to explain something, but you can't really articulate it and you just end up rambling.
  • Test driving a vehicle and trying to find the gas tank.  (it was by the driver's side door)
  • The sweet elderly lady that asked the MR. to fill up her car with gas, but the gas tank was already full.
  • The MR. and I attended a Mediterranean cooking class.
  • When a friend that lived here tells you she is moving back next month.
  • Your mom sending you a delicious smoked turkey for Easter.
  • An Adidas warehouse sale.
  • A surprise phone call from a friend you have known since college, but haven't spoken to in quite a while.
Going full on Easter egg colors for this outfit. 
 Pastels with a pop of leopard. 
 Just a simple casual look with elements of spring.

 Do you have an "Easter" outfit?
Remember the days of getting a new dress just for Easter?

Loft top
J.Crew pants
Steve Madden flats
Handpicked necklace
Michael Kors watch

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