Monday, March 21, 2016

It's Officially Spring

So where did the warm weather go??
Come back lovely spring weather!
For the spring we will still see double print mixing. 
 It reminds me of the trend back in the 70's.
I think it is a bold and fun look.
In my case I wore the same print in
 two different colors and sizes. 
 The rule of thumb is to wear
 two complimentary colors
 or different shades of the same family.
Remember also, 
that mixing the same pattern can be done
 by mixing the same print in
 two different sizes regardless of the color.

Have you double print dressed yet?
Will you?

Loft skirt and sweater
Banana Republic shirt
Nine West booties
Handpicked long necklace
Onenecklace short necklace

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