Friday, April 22, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Have you been listening to Prince since yesterday afternoon?
His album 1999 was iconic for me in college!
  • When you are supposed to meet people at a certain place and you are given directions to the wrong place.  Who doesn't want to meet at a wine bar at 10 am???  
  • When you need coat hangers for an event and the Mr. just happens to have freshly picked up shirts from the cleaners in the car, so you steal the hangers from his freshly laundered shirts.
  • Watching a glass slide down the banister of the stairs and you can't move fast enough to stop it.
  • Looking forward to seeing a movie you have wanted to see for awhile and then it just turns out to be meh!
  • Your friend's dog won't stop licking your toes.
  • Going to a clothing swap at a craft brewery!
  • New eyeglasses.
  • Have you been to the 5Below store yet?  Nothing you need, but crap you think you want.
  • Finding an awesome new shoe store near you.
  • Picking out new paint colors.
 For a couple days this week it felt like summer around here,
 so I dressed for it.
Who doesn't love pineapples and
 pineapples with hot pink is even better. 
 I paired this top with navy pants so the top 
could be the focus of the look!

Have a great weekend and party like it's 1999!!!

Black Lion top
Gap pants
Jack Rogers sandals
Target belt
Groopdealz bracelet
Handpicked earrings

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