Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My New Favorite Sneakers

Hello All!
Talking about sneakers today.
Yep, that's right the sneaker trend is so hot right now
 and I am all over it.
I love my white Chuck Taylors and have worn them for years. 
 But, now I am obsessed with these 
"old school" Adidas!
Yes, you can wear them with a dress,
 skirts, jeans, trousers, shorts...
well...pretty much anything you want.
Bonus - they are so comfortable.  
The look I am wearing today, is everywhere.
 You can't turn a page in a magazine,
 scroll through Instagram or Pinterest
 and not see some version of it. 
 Instant classic look.

You know me.
  I had to add a pop of color,
 so cyan blue was my choice for this look.

Do you own the Adidas sneakers?
Have you paired them with a dress?

Loft dress
Adidas sneakers
Ruche and Francesca bracelets
Gifted earrings
OPI nail polish in Gelato On My Mind

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