Friday, April 29, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Well, here we are...
The last Friday in April.
May? Summer? 
  • Meeting someone at the movies on the wrong day.
  • Going to Goodwill on the weekend at the exact time everyone that had a garage sale that day is dropping things off as well.
  • Dropping a large container of Greek yogurt on the floor and the container literally explodes all of you and the kitchen.
  • Wondering what has gotten your dog so interested that he can't stop rolling all over it.  Walking over and realizing it is a dead snake!
  • It's time to renew my driver's licence and I was so happy to be able to do it online and then it turns out my birthday month is wrong on the license.  Now I have to go to the DMV and prove when my birthday is.
  • Being told you look like Diane Keaton twice in one day.
  • Girlfriend time.
  • Being called a beautiful young lady by the old dude in the mall with a walker and oxygen!
  • Last week of college for son2!
  • When the produce guy at the market lets you sample the produce before you buy it.
 I am not sure why I am having a hard time believing 
that May is knocking at the door...
 It is officially HOT now. 
 Time to break out the tanks, skirts and anything
 that you won't melt wearing.
  I dug out my trusty sequin tank
 and paired it with a breezy little skirt. 
 Just because it's already in the 90's
 doesn't mean you can't dress cute...right?!

Have you hit the 90's where you live yet?

H & M tank
Loft skirt
Sam Edleman flats
Handpicked necklace and bracelet

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