Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Denim Squared

I'm not very good at math, 
but I do know when to double down when wearing denim!
I never get why people go on and on about wearing double denim. 
Is it a do or a don't?
 For the most part, 
more people get it right than wrong
 it's not that complicated.
In this outfit I paired a denim blazer with jeans. 
 The blazer is just a skosh darker than the jeans
 and the white t just keeps the look simple. 
 Double Denim should always be kept simple.
I added my Adidas mostly because
 I just love them,
 but this trend isn't going anywhere for 
awhile according to all of my reading.

What do you think about double denim?
Is it a look you would wear?

Loft blazer
Gap t-shirt
Old Navy jeans
Adidas sneakers
necklace c/o Onenecklace

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