Friday, April 8, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Yeah, the weekend is here!
I am ready for some sun and fun,
 but I am not sure that mother nature
 is going to be agreeable.
  • Too many "text groups" going at the same time.
  • Getting behind a little old man that gets in front of you as soon as you pull out of your neighborhood and goes 25 mph in a 45 mph zone and that little man stays in front of you all the way to where you are headed.  (no, I could not ever get around him!)
  • Having lunch with a group of people at one of those long tables and end up never having a conversation with 2 people during the entire lunch.
  • When the sun is so strong through a window that it reflects on a clear glass vase and burns a hole not only in the table cloth, but the table as well.
  • Just sitting in your car at the entrance of your neighborhood trying to get out onto the main street when a car comes barreling at you and you think you are about to be smashed to pieces and the car literally stops about 20 feet from your car.  
  • When your friend suggest to take your spices out of the "spice cabinet" and make a "spice drawer" instead.  Changed my life!!
  • New to me patio furniture.
  • Hanging out at the BeerMe craft brewers festival to help raise money for Habitat For Humanity.
  • Dinner at the lake with friends.
  • Finally getting that new light fixture hung in the dining room.  It looks great!
Unexpected cool weather in the spring calls
 for a double sweater look.
  This works because the first cardigan
 is the same length as the blouse. 
 I had to pull out my booties for this look as well,
 so my feet would be nice and warm.
 who doesn't love red and pink together?

Have you ever worn a double cardigan look?
Would you?

Target blouse, long cardigan and booties
Gap short cardigan
Gifted necklace
Target and H&M bracelet mix

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