Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Double Floral

I hope you are having a nice week so far.
Enjoy all the beautiful flowers and foliage blooming this week.
As much as I love to pattern mix, 
I am not sure how often I mix a double floral pattern.
This actually might be the first time.
I mean it's spring time, 
when would be a better time to layer on the florals.
I went with flowers of varying color and size,
 but all in the same color family.
That's what makes this work.
This really is a thrown together look
 as I was running late and just grabbed easy wear pieces.
I kept the jewelry within the pink tones
 of the florals I was wearing. 
 This helps to pull it all together.

Have you done a floral mix look yet?
What did you think?

Target blouse
Old Navy scarf
J.Crew pants
J.C. Penny flats
H&M bracelets
Francesca earrings

1 comment:

Chanda T said...

Love all of your pretty florals in this outfit! :)

xx, Chanda