Friday, May 6, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

This week has been cray-cray!
I am ready for the weekend.
  • Getting the new vanity home for the bathroom remodel and the sink has a crack in it.
  • Finding hidden problems in your remodel project.
  • Helping son2 move out of his apartment and the car is all loaded up and ready to go... BUT the car won't start.
  • Going to pick up something at someone's house that you don't know and realizing as you are waiting at the front door that all of the flowers around the house are fake.
  • Transformer blowing in the neighborhood and there is no power for 4 hours.
  • Son2 graduating from college!!!
  • Getting unexpected flowers delivered to you.
  • A quick battery jump got my car back on the road home.
  • Finding fun unexpected items when cleaning out shelves and drawers.
  • Having both sons home for Mother's Day on Sunday.
I wore this last night for son2's graduation. 
 I have to say that the weather turned cold and rainy
 and I was wishing I had on tights and a sweater!
  This is definitely a warmer weather look.

Have a great Mother's Day 
whether you are being celebrated 
or you are celebrating someone else.

Loft top and skirt
Old Navy sandals
Target necklace

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Chelsea Woodring said...

Hope you have a good Mother's Day with your sons!