Friday, May 20, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Finally getting around to blogging this week.
I am not sure where all my time is going,
 but it seems like I can't get my life organized lately.
  • Your hydrangeas are about to burst into bloom and the next day you go check on them and the deer have eaten all the buds.
  • Music is coming from your phone and it takes 5 apps and what seems like forever to find the source.
  • An IRS scam call saying that you will be arrested within the hour if you don't agree to pay your overdue taxes.  WHAT?  This call was insane.  Finally when I questioned them about really being the IRS they said I was being non-cooperative and someone was on their way to arrest me and hung up.
  • Minor surgery on your big toe.
  • Trying to cut a piece of tile for your new bathroom floor and it keeps breaking over and over again.  Finally realizing the floor isn't level and that is why it keeps breaking when trying to lay it.
  • Freshly painted walls, freshly painted window and door trim and newly layed tile in your bathroom remodel project.
  • Discovering a new, yummy Sicilian Pizza place near you.
  • Glad you finally listened to your son and started watching MR. ROBOT.
  • The deer might have gotten the hydrangeas, but apparently they don't like gardenias!  The lovely blooms and scent from my gardenias.
  • Impromptu road trip tagging along on the Mr.'s business trip to Orlando.
 Crazily it has gotten cooler here the last few days. 
 I love adding a denim jacket with a maxi.
  This dress is one of my favorites and
 I was excited to pull it out again.
  I kept the look very simple as the
 pattern of the dress speaks for itself.

As I said, I will be tagging along with the Mr.
 on a business trip and
 then coming home to finish up our bathroom remodel. 
 I will be taking a blogging break until June.  
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Loft dress
Levi's jacket
J. Crew sandals
Francesca earrings


Olivia DiTomaso said...

Love the bold print.



Geraldine said...

love the print of this dress. very pretty.