Friday, June 3, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

I am headed out for a hike today.
I already know that it is gonna be hot and humid.
Remind me why I think hiking is fun!
  • Cleaning out the Vitamix and cutting your finger on the ever so sharp blades in the bottom.
  • Putting flowers in your hair as a joke and forgetting you put them there until someone tells you AFTER you went to the grocery store.
  • Trying to figure out where that "weird smell" is coming from in your outdoor kitchen fridge.
  • Discovering that someone spilt coffee all over the new bathroom tile floor and technically the bathroom isn't even finished yet.
  • When your mutli item order from Target slowly comes in one piece at a time.
  • Disney World and Universal Studios
  • Ordering an ice cream cone from a building shaped like an ice cream cone.
  • Son2's awesome skills smoking meat.
  • When the movie is as good as the book. click here to see the movie trailer   
  • When you get to start hanging out at the pool again.
Doing some major pattern mixing today!
  3 patterns in one outfit...too much? 
 Maybe for some, but not for me. 
leopard is considered a neutral right!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend
 and gets to enjoy some outside time by some sort of body of water.
  A pool, a lake, a river or the best...an ocean!

Express top
Gap skirt
Steve Madden shoes
Kate Spade bracelets

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