Friday, June 10, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Public school is officially out around here now.
The Mr. is especially loving this because traffic is so much better going to work in the summer.
It's just the little things in life!

  • When your treadmill blows up and there is no way it will ever recover.
  • Finding a cardboard box of VHS movies when cleaning out a closet, but no actual movies are in the cases.
  • When you order a yogurt parfait on the go because you are in a hurry and they forget to include the spoon.
  • Is it just me? Or does anyone else have the hardest time ever trying to control a cart at Ikea?
  • Where exactly do fruit flies come from anyway?  One minute your kitchen is fine and the next fruit flies are swarming all over the bananas!
  • A hike through  Landsford Canal State Park  which is home to the world’s largest population of Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies.  
  • When the Mr. brings home dinner unexpectedly.
  • Decorating the newly updated bathroom.
  • Dreading going swimsuit shopping and then remembering a swimsuit you bought at the end of last season.  
  • Discovering Starbucks gift cards you totally forgot you had!
I am sure by now you have seen that the off-the-shoulder look is absolutely everywhere!!
It is a trend that pretty much anyone, any age can pull off.
  Most everyone can show off 
their shoulders and neckline and still feel comfortable.
  The main trick to this look is not to go to tight.
 The looser the better. 
 Think bohemian!

Is this a look you have tried yet?
Will you try it?

Loft top
Old Navy jeans
Target wedges
necklace c/o Onecklace
gifted bracelet
super old hoop earrings

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