Friday, June 17, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Are you ready for a fun Father's Day weekend?
  • When a car parks so close to your car that you cannot get in on driver's side.
  •  You forget how hot your deck actually gets in the summer and the bottoms of your feet feel as though they are on fire.
  • Taking your car in to get a slow leak repaired on your tire and 3 days later you walk out to a flat tire again.
  • Trying to move a chair out of a bedroom and wondering how you ever got it in there in the first place.
  • Your annual lady doctor visit.

  • Listening to the sounds of a thunderstorm.
  • Finally nailing a good spaghetti sauce recipe.
  • 100 percent completed bathroom update.
  • Movie marathon of the The Thin Man movies.  Don't you just love Nick & Nora?
  • Digging out that book from last summer that you never read and finding money in it.

 Black and white is just so classic 
and looks great even in the summer. 
 As hard as it was for me, 
I didn't give in to any color with this outfit. 
 Sometimes, just keeping it all the same is the best option.

Is black and white a staple of your wardrobe or a rare thing like it is for me?

Target shirt
Gap skirt
Vince Camuto sandals
Francesca necklace
Ruche bracelet

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